IBEX Wastewater Brushes

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Screen & Belt Brushes

IBEX – EBI, our research company, has developed a variety of innovative filaments & materials to improve the separating process throughout the streaming cycle but also to be multi-functional in keeping the separating units clear and free from detritus.

IBEX Spiral Screen Brushes offer improvements in separating solids from liquids and as a bi-product prevents the screen from blocking by virtue of their position along the auger flights.

Weir & Launder Brushes

IBEX is known for our multi-purposed brushes, made with high memory materials that not only offer durability but an effectively cleaned surface with little wear to the filaments.

Whether you are cleaning the weir or launder surfaces, our brushes offer you a cost-effective solution to all your cleaning needs.

Odour Containment

Odour containment brushes are available in a variety of sizes to suit any openings, gaps & closures throughout the water filtration system.

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